1.2.11. Validating an EAF file

Sometimes a file won't open or behaves strangly when edited. Although there might be messages in the log file, it is often unclear what the problem is. It is possible to validate an *.eaf file and receive a report of errors found. This process performs an XML validation and additionally checks the file for the most common other errors encountered in *.eaf files. To start the process:

  1. Choose File > Validate EAF File...

  2. In the Open dialog select the file to check and click Open

  3. A small progress indicator will be shown

  4. Finally a window displaying the process report appears:

    Validation report window

    Figure 1.16. Validation report window

  5. The report can be saved as a text file

Not all possible errors are detected, just the most common ones:

Errors in the file are not repaired by this process; if the file still opens in ELAN, it might be possible to apply the necessary changes, otherwise the file might need to be corrected in a text- or XML-editor.