1.2.14. Changing the linked media files

As from ELAN version 2.4, the possibility exists to explicitly change the list of media files that are linked from an *.eaf file. This option can be handy if, for instance, you have moved media files to another location after the last time you edited an ELAN file or renamed one or moreof the linked media files.

Activating the Linked Files dialog window (via Edit > Linked files…) will get you the following screen:

Linked files dialog window

Figure 1.20. Linked files dialog window

The following options are available on the Linked Media Files tab:

The Linked Secondary Files tab shows files that are linked as secondary files. In particular, files that contain data that need to be displayed by the Timeseries Viewer (see Section 1.5.15) are found here, but other files may be linked as well. The following options are available: