1.5.17. The Media Player options

With the Media Player options, you can control the playback of the file. The following options are available at the bottom and at the left side of the ELAN window:

The media player options

Figure 1.100. The media player options

Table 1.1. Media Controls

Go to the beginning of the video/audio fragmentCTRL+B
Go to the previous scroll view (make the beginning point of the current timeline view the end point)CTRL+PAGE UP
Go back one secondSHIFT+LEFT
Go back one frame ( = 40 ms for PAL, 33.4 ms for NTSC)CTRL+LEFT
Go back one “pixel” on the timeline viewer (smallest unit, depends on the zoom factor of the timeline viewer, default value 10 ms)CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT
Start / Pause the playbackCTRL+SPACE
Go to the next “pixel” on the timeline viewer (smallest unit)CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT
Go to the next frameCTRL+RIGHT
Go to the next secondSHIFT+RIGHT
Go to the next scroll viewCTRL+PAGE DOWN
Go to the end of the media fragmentCTRL+B

Table 1.2. Selection Controls

Play the selected interval.SHIFT+SPACE
Clear the selection.CTRL+C
Move the crosshair to the begin / end of selectionCTRL+/ or CTRL+SHIFT+K

Table 1.3. Annotation Controls

Go to the previous annotation on the active annotation tierALT+LEFT
Go to the next annotation on the active annotation tierALT+RIGHT
Go to the annotation above.ALT+UP
Go to the annotation below.ALT+DOWN

Table 1.4. Selection Mode

While playing, select an interval automaticallyCTRL+K
Keep playing the selected interval (if used together with play selection )CTRL+L