1.5. Screen display and navigation through a document

Whenever you open, create or import a document, the ELAN window appears. This section introduces you to the setup of the ELAN window (Section 1.5.1), and explains the navigation through it (Section 1.6 and Section 1.7).

1.5.1. Basic Information: The ELAN window

The ELAN window displays the Menu bar, the Media Player options, and a number of Viewers, e.g.:

The ELAN window

Figure 1.72. The ELAN window

All Viewers are synchronized and thus display the same point(s) in time. I.e., whenever you access a point in time in one of the Viewers, all the other Viewers will immediately jump to the corresponding point in time.

In all Viewers, color coding is used to facilitate the orientation in the document.

This section introduces the setup of the Viewers, the Menu bar, the Media Player options and the color coding. Detailed information about how to navigate through the ELAN window follows in the subsequent sections.