1.5.23. Switching tiers on/off

By default, ELAN automatically displays all available tiers, but each tier can be switched on or off manually, allowing you to focus only on the tiers of interest for the task at hand.

To switch tiers on/off, do the following:

  1. In the Timeline Viewer, right-click in the tier name panel.

  2. In the pull-down menu select the sub menu Visible Tiers and (un)check the tier name

Switching off a tier can be done directly by right clicking on its name and selecting hide <tier name> from the pull down menu. Alternatively you can open a window containing all tier names by selecting Show/Hide More…(see Figure 1.107) in the popup menu.

Switching tiers on/off

Figure 1.105. Switching tiers on/off

If you switch a tier on, it will be put on the place where you clicked.