2.3.2. Changing tier types

Do the following to change the attributes of an already existing tier type:

  1. Click on Edit > Change tier type… The Change type dialog window appears.

  2. The labels of all available tier types are displayed in the Current Types table, e.g.:

    Change a tier type

    Figure 2.7. Change a tier type

  3. Click on the tier type whose attributes you want to change.

  4. Change the settings. The Stereotype drop down box will be disabled if there is at least one tier based on the selected type. For changing the Stereotype of a tier consider the options to copy (see Section 2.13.2) or to reparent a tier (see Section 2.4.9).

    Associations with a Lexicon field or a ISO Data Category can be changed via their + button or removed by clicking their - button.

  5. Click Change to save the changes. Otherwise click Close to exit the window without saving the changes.