2.13.2. Copying tiers

As easy as you can change the parent of a tier, it also is possible to copy the complete content of a tier. This option differs in that it does not put any constraints on the designated parent tier and it leaves you the choice whether you want to copy the tiers children.

This process can be started via the Tier > Copy tier menu. Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a tier to copy. If you also want to create a copy its dependent tiers, check the Copy dependent tiers as well box.

  2. Specify the parent tier for the copy. To make it independent, select Transcription (no parent)

  3. By default, the tier type will be kept. If you want to change it, select another one from the dialog window and click on Finish.

  4. Now the tier (and optionally its children) will be copied. “-cp” will be added to the names in order to prevent confusion with the original tier. It is also possible to check the option to rename the original tiers, so that the copies can use the original names. This way, "-orig" will be added to the original tier(s).

Copy tier

Figure 2.104. Copy tier

Note that this is similar to the change parent tier functionality (see Section 2.4.9). However it differs in 2 aspects: