2.6.3. Associating a CV entry with a Data Category

In ELAN it is possible to associate an entry of a controlled vocabulary with a data category of the ISO Data Category Repository (DCR). To do so click on Edit in the ELAN main menu and select Edit Controlled Vocabularies.... In the window that now appears, click the Browse... button to the right of the ISO Data Category option. In the next window, select a category from the list and click Apply. Or you can add a category by clicking Add Categories; first select a profile in the left panel and then select a data category in the middle panel. Next, click on Apply to put the selected data category in the list of selected categories. Then click to highlight it and click Apply to associate it to the CV entry.

Local Data Category Selection

Figure 2.36. Local Data Category Selection

More information about the ISO DCR and how to use it can be found in Section 2.5.