2.6.4. Importing an existing CV

Instead of creating a Controlled Vocabulary again every time ELAN also supports the possibility to reuse existing CV's. A first way to achieve this is to use a template file that contains a CV when creating a new *.eaf file. (See Section 1.2.2) Alternatively you can import a CV for already existing files:

  1. select Edit > Edit Controlled Vocabularies

  2. Click on Import CV

  3. Select the template (.etf), .csv or .txt file from which you want to import a CV

  4. Choose Open

  5. Now all CV's that are stored in the selected template file will be imported

If you try to import a CV with the same name as an already existing CV a dialog will pop up asking what to do:

Controlled vocabulary already exists warning

Figure 2.37. Controlled vocabulary already exists warning