2.6.8. Using CV's

When editing an annotation that belongs to a tier type associated with a CV, a drop down box appears, the suggest panel. Just select the value to be filled in:

Controlled vocabulary drop down box

Figure 2.40. Controlled vocabulary drop down box


  • It is possible to by-pass the controlled vocabulary constraints by holding shift and double clicking on the active annotation (right clicking and selecting “Modify annotation value” while holding shift does the same).

  • If a CV entry is associated with a data category of the ISO DCR (see Section 2.6.3), the annotation is also associated with that data category.

If you have a created a multi-lingual CV, you can set the preferred language to use by going to Options > Language for multilingual content. From there you will see a list of languages that you have used with a CV. Select the one preferred and afterwards, values you enter are in the CV-language chosen. When the default language changes, all Annotations which are associated with a CV entry will be adapted (if the selected language actually exists in the CV, and if the entry is not empty in that language).

Select language for multi-lingual CV

Figure 2.41. Select language for multi-lingual CV

More information about entering annotations from a CV and working with the Suggest Panel, see Section 2.9.3