2.7.2. Set the Lexicon Service and entry field information for a Tier Type

Before an annotation can be used for a lexicon lookup, the tier type of the tier must have a reference to a Lexicon Service. In addition, there must be a reference to the field of an entry that is of interest. To set this information for a tier type, do the following:

  1. In the main menu select Type > Change Tier Type...

  2. Select the a tier type in the pull down menu Select Type.

  3. Next to Lexicon Connection click Select...

  4. Select a Lexicon Service in the drop down list at the top of the dialog.

  5. A list of fields that compose a lexical entry is requested from the lexicon server and shown in the table. Select one.

  6. Click OK

Select a Lexicon Service and Entry Field

Figure 2.46. Select a Lexicon Service and Entry Field

In the Change Type dialog the Lexicon Service name and Lexical Entry Field name are shown. Click Change to commit to the new Lexicon settings.