2.7.3. Perform a Lexicon Lookup

If the tier type of a tier is enhanced with lexicon service and entry field information, lexicon lookups using the annotations of that tier can be performed:

  1. Open the Lexicon Entry tab in main ELAN window.

  2. Select an annotation on a tier of which the tier type is enhanced with a lexicon service and entry field information.

  3. In the Lexicon Entry tab the annotation is entered in the field Annotation and the Get Lexicon Entries button is enabled to indicate a lookup is possible.

  4. Select a constraint from the drop down list.

  5. Click the Get Lexicon Entries button.

  6. A lookup is performed and the results are presented on the right side of the tab in the form of a tree structure.

  7. Open an entry and subsequent entry nodes by clicking the open icon in front of a node (if there is one).

  8. If a node value consist of a URL, selecting the node will open the URL in your default browser.

  9. If you select the top node of an entry, the Change annotation button is enabled to indicate that you can use the value of the entry field as value of the active annotation. Click this button to do so. You can also change the value of the dependent tiers by clicking Change annotation + dependents.

The Lexicon Entry tab

Figure 2.47. The Lexicon Entry tab