2.8.3. Using the selection controls

The selection controls allow you to navigate through or to change the active selection. For their use, see again Section 1.5.17.

Example: extending the begin of a selection with one second

Assume that you have made a selection and that you want to add a time interval of 1 second to the begin of it. In that case you should perform the following actions:

  1. Move the crosshair to the begin of the active selection

    Crosshair on begin of selection

    Figure 2.56. Crosshair on begin of selection

  2. Enable Selection Mode

    Selection mode

    Figure 2.57. Selection mode

  3. Go back one second by clicking the corresponding button from the media controls.

    Back one second

    Figure 2.58. Back one second

  4. Turn off the selection mode and enter an annotation for the selection.

    Selection mode off

    Figure 2.59. Selection mode off