2.8.8. Shifting annotations

To shift a specific annotation, go through these steps in the timeline viewer:

  1. Click on an annotation unit to select it.

  2. Right click the annotation and select Shift Active Annotation or press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

  3. Enter a number of ms/ss.ms/mm:ss.ms/hh:mm:ss.ms (between -510 ms and 1080 ms) by which the annotation should shifted. If the number is greater that zero, the annotation is shifted to the right. If it is less that zero, is shifted to the left.

    Shift annotations

    Figure 2.70. Shift annotations

  4. Click on OK.


The number of milliseconds you can enter is limited by the end of the annotation to the left and the begin of the annotation to the right, or by the begin or end of the timescale.

It is also possible to shift more than one annotations at once. To do so, first decide which annotations you would like to shift:

Then click Annotation in the main menu and select Shift >. This sub menu has the following options:

All these options result in a window as in Figure 2.70. Enter a number of millisecond and click OK. All annotations referred to in the Annotation > Shift > menu option are now shifted by the number of millisecond you entered.

A final option is to shift all annotations on all tiers. To do so, click Annotation > Shift All Annotations.