2.9.8. Creating regular annotations

When there is a time interval you wish to divide in a number of adjacent annotations with the same duration you can do that by clicking on Tier > Create Regular annotations. In the dialog window (see Figure 2.83) select the tiers that must receive the new annotations. Then do one of the following:

  1. Enter Start time and Duration (End time is calculated automatically).

  2. Enter Start time and End time (Duration is calculated automatically).

Finally, enter a Annotation size and click Apply.

Regular Annotations

Figure 2.83. Regular Annotations

The total duration of the new annotations does not exceed the interval between start and end time. So if start time is 1.000 seconds and, end time is 4.000 seconds (interval of 3 seconds) and the annotation size is 2.000 seconds, than only one new annotations is created because two would make a duration of 4 seconds which exceeds the interval defined by the start and end time.


If there is an overlap between the new annotations and one or more existing annotations, these existing annotations will be removed.