2.15. Create annotation by subtraction

New annotations are created by subtracting annotations from annotations on other tiers. This function can be started from Tier > Create Annotations from Subtraction…. This will open the Create Annotations From Subtraction window that is based on 4 steps.

  1. Step 1/4: File and Tier Selection ( see Figure 2.106)

  2. Step 2/4: Subtract Computation Criteria

    In this step you can choose the subtraction computation criteria in the Subtract computation criteria window

    Subtract Computation Criteria

    Figure 2.111. Subtract Computation Criteria

    You can choose one of the following:

    • Subtraction based on 'exclusive or' logic If this option is selected, the subtracts will be computed based on the 'Exclusive-or" logic.

    • Subtraction Selecting this option, will allow you to select a reference tier from which the annotations of the other selected tiers will be subtracted from.

    Click on the icon to know more about the differences between the above mentioned options.

  3. Step 3/4: Destination Tier Name Specification (see Figure 2.109)

  4. Step 4/4: Destination Tier Value Specification

    Here you can specify the value for the destination tier.

    Destination Tier Value Specification

    Figure 2.112. Destination Tier Value Specification

    For detailed explanation on the options see Figure 2.110.

    Finally, you can click on Finish. The new tier will be created and populated.