3.3.4. Change color of tiers

To change the color of any tiers, do the following steps.

  1. If tier names are shown : right click on the tier name will popup this menu. Select change color for this tier.

    Context Menu

    Figure 3.6. Context Menu

  2. If tier names are not shown : right click on an annotation in the desired column. A similar context menu will be shown. Select change color for this tier from it.

From the context menu that shows up, you can set the tier background color, the tier highlight color and the font. To do so, click on one of the Browse buttons.

Context Menu Tier

Figure 3.7. Context Menu Tier

The next context menu will let you select the color. Click on one of the tabs: 'Swatches', 'HSB' or 'RGB' and choose a color. A preview is shown on the bottom of the dialog. When done, click OK or, if you want to add the color to your favorites, go to the tab Favorites and click the 'add' button. The color will be added to your favorites.

Context Menu Color

Figure 3.8. Context Menu Color

The Tier Attributes context dialog will now show the chosen color next to 'Tier Color'. If you are satisfied, click Apply. Alternatively, you can also set the tier highlight color in a similar way.

In the context dialog that pops up, you can select what attributes must get the specified color. Also you can select what kind of tiers should get the specified colors. When done, click Apply and the changes will be made.

Context Menu Apply

Figure 3.9. Context Menu Apply