ELAN (EUDICO Linguistic Annotator) is an annotation tool that allows you to create, edit, visualize and search annotations for video and audio data. It was developed at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with the aim to provide a sound technological basis for the annotation and exploitation of multi-media recordings. ELAN is specifically designed for the analysis of languages, sign languages, and gestures, but it can also be used by anyone who works with media corpora, i.e., with video and/or audio data, for purposes of annotation, analysis and documentation.

ELAN supports:

This manual helps you to understand and use the features of ELAN.

Part I is the user's guide. It is organized around the following five topics:

For each topic, basic information is given. Following that, the use of features is explained in a step-by-step way. It is recommended that you read relevant chapters before starting to work with your own data.

Part II is the reference guide, i.e., it provides brief information on the following topics:

An overview of the differences between the succeeding versions of ELAN can be found online via:

1. Notation Conventions

The following notation conventions are used:

  • Menu items, icons and screen displays are written in the font sans-serif.

  • (Shortcut) keys are written in SMALL CAPS.


Information on troubleshooting is marked with an icon like this one.