2. Recent changes to this manual

2022-01-24: updates for 6.3, new annotation by entering start and end time, first implementation of a Spectrogram viewer, export of before and after column in multiple file search

2021-06-22: updates for 6.2, import of WebAnnotation JSON files, simple statistics with word list export, more extensive and accessible logging from native libraries, CV entry colors in annotation density plot

2021-03-02: updates for 6.1, waveform view without wave file, sorting of single file search results, new "no annotation" constraint in structured multiple file search

2020-11-25: updates for 6.0, added export to time-aligned interlinear text and export to WebAnnotation JSON, inter-annotator reliability based on Fleiss' kappa, support for loading remote EAF files, new preference options

2020-03-16: updates for 5.9, introduction of an annotation density view and export function and of a document properties viewer, updates concerning the possibility to annotate remote media over http(s), changes in configuration of analyzers in interlinearization mode, updates on the analyzers themselves and on lexicon editing, introduction of a new option in media clipping

2019-10-08: updates for 5.8, updated information on available media players, added and changed a few import sections, introduction of EAF validation and file locking options

2019-04-09: updates for 5.5, removed the separate Export clip using m2-edit, minor improvements in the import of separated text files and the export to FLEx, integration of a fully native AV Foundation media player

2018-12-05: updates for 5.4, added import of a Toolbox dictionary, preparation for inclusion of JavaFX media player (and of AV Foundation based player on masOS) and the related move from Java 6 to Java 8

2018-08-20: updates for 5.3, added updating of multiple files with elements from a template, added an option to Merge Transcriptions to not overwrite existing tiers, some changes in dealing with (external) controlled vocabularies

2018-03-28: updates for 5.2, Interlinearization Mode added configuration of the rendering, added a Play Selection panel, added a configuration panel for the Whitespace analyzer, added support for a custom sort order for lexical entries

2017-12-20: updates for 5.1, added Copy annotations from Tier to Tier, added Java Sound player and clipping options, added Modify Annotation Time by typing option, added new data extraction options from timeseries tracks

2017-10-25: updates for 5.0, additions to Interlinearization Mode, updates to Segmentation Mode, new options in tab-delimited text export

2017-04-10: updates for 5.0.0-beta, added Signbank lexicon connection, Media displayer for annotations and controlled vocabulary entries, Spell Checker (preliminary)

2017-01-04: general update for 5.0.0-alpha, added Interlinearization Mode, font size setting added to the preference panel

2016-05-12: general update for 4.9.4, added section on working with tier sets, some additions to the preferences panels

2015-11-25: general update for version 4.9.2, added Korean language, Tab-delimited text / Traditional text / Interrater text export changes/improvements, copying of video coordinates changed, basic drag 'n drop file opening/creation function added, ability to create selections in Segmentation mode added.

2015-05-20: general update for version 4.9.0, added inter-annotator functionality, added WebLicht processing, general maintenance.

2014-12-03: general update for version 4.8.0, added play media section in preferences, context-menu in timeline viewer reduced, option to deactivate tier in Tier name viewer added, Tokenize tier is more flexible.

2014-10-25: general update for version 4.8.0 beta, introduction of ELAN comments section

2014-05-07: general update for version 4.7.0, added multi-lingual CV, frame-skipping options in preferences, added independent audio-level control, added audio signal-viewer easy switch option, improved Multi-file editor.

2013-11-04: general update for version 4.6.2

2013-05-13: update for version 4.6.0, added multiple annotation selection, new alignment-view in multiple file search, FLEx import & export added

2013-01-07: minor fixes to text

2012-12-10: general update for version 4.5.0

2012-07-12: general update for version 4.4.0

2011-08-15: general update for version 4.1.2

2011-04-23: general update for version 4.1.0, introducing the transcription mode

2010-12-23: general update for version 4.0.0

2010-03-12: general update for version 3.8.1

2009-08-20: general update for version 3.8.0, among others the possibility to change shortcuts

2009-04-02: general update for version 3.7.2.

2009-02-03: general update for version 3.7.0, a viewer for integrated display of metadata and a find-and-replace function for multiple files

2008-08-19: general update for version 3.6.0, an extensible Audio Recognizer framework for semi-automatic segmentation and annotation

2008-05-19: general update for version 3.5.0, preliminary support for ISO Data Categories and simplified creation and application of a translation for ELAN's user interface

2008-03-06: general update for version 3.4.0, new customization options and support for timeseries data in csv/tab-delimited text files

2007-12-10: general update for version 3.3.0, among others the options for exporting ELAN data are expanded

2007-10-04: general update for version 3.2.0, among others the structured search through multiple annotation files (This version of the manual is the first to be made from Docbook source to enable an easy generation of PDF and HTML.)

2007-03-27: some cross-references have been corrected

2007-02-22: removal of obsolete section "menu items" in the reference guide

2007-02-20: references to sections are corrected, new screenshots, keyboard shortcuts updated, a lot of small corrections

2007-02-08: general update for version 3.0, among others the new search facilities were added