Chapter 2. The ELAN window

The ELAN window displays the Menu bar, the Media Player controls, and a number of Viewers. The following figure shows the different viewers and controls in the ELAN window:

2.1. Move around in the video/audio

An extended, VCR style set of media controls is available for starting and pausing the media player and for stepping through the media. The steps are:

  • 1 pixel of the Timeline viewer, defaults to 10 ms, depends on zoom level

  • 1 frame, defaults to 40 ms (e.g. for audio)

  • 1 second.

  • 1 scrollview (of the Timeline viewer) or "page"

  • to the end/to the begin of the media

For all these steps there is a variant to the left and to the right.

The following picture shows the Media controls buttons together with their default short cut keys: