User Guide for ELAN Linguistic Annotator

version 5.0.0

This user guide was last updated on 2018-12-05

The latest version can be downloaded from:

Author: Maddalena Tacchetti

Table of Contents

1. ELAN installation, manual and website.
2. Key concepts of ELAN
2.1. Annotation
2.2. Tier
2.3. Type
2.4. Template
2.5. Annotation file (*.eaf)
2.6. Media file (*.mpg, *.wav, etc.)
1. Start a new annotation file
2. The ELAN window
2.1. Move around in the video/audio
2.2. Control playback speed
2.3. Set and use the selection
2.4. Using the selection controls
2.5. Working modes
3. Tiers, tier types, controlled vocabularies and templates.
3.1. Control how tiers are displayed
3.2. Create, modify and delete tiers
3.3. Create, modify and delete tier types
3.3.1. Tier hierarchies
3.4. Create and modify controlled vocabularies
3.5. Create and modify a template
4. Work with annotations
4.1. Add an annotation
4.1.1. Entering annotations (into the Inline Edit box)
4.1.2. Entering annotations (into the Edit Annotation box)
4.2. Modify or delete an annotation value
4.3. Subdivide an annotation on a depending tier