3.5. Create and modify a template

Once you have a set of tiers, tier types, and controlled vocabularies that you like, you can save them in a template so that you can use them later for creating new annotation files. A template is an annotation document without links to media files and without annotation but with the definitions tiers, tier types and controlled vocabularies. It can be created from any annotation document and can be used as the basis for new annotation documents. To create a template chose File, > Save as Template.... The extension for template files is .etf. To create a new annotation document based on a template, follow the steps to create a new document. In the File browser, click the Template button and navigate to a folder containing a template file. Select the .etf file and click the “copy to right” button >> or double-click the template file. The right panel now lists a template file and the selected media file(s) for the new document. A new document is created with the media player(s) and all the tiers from the template.


Any changes to the template will not affect any annotation files already created. This can be good and bad: good when you want to revise the template without affecting annotation files you’ve already created, bad when you want to make the changes in the annotation files too. In the latter case, you will need to make the changes individually in each file.