Lamus - Language Archive Management and Upload System


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This manual was last updated in July 2012

Original Author: Micha Hulsbosch

Updates for the previous versions: Maddalena Tacchetti

Updates for version and higher: Kasia Wojtylak

Updates for version Francesca Bechis

Table of Contents

1. Register as a new user
2. Workspace creation and selection
2.1. Creating a new workspace
2.2. Selecting an existing workspace
3. Workspace management
3.1. Tree menu
3.1.1. View node (available for corpus and session nodes)
3.1.2. Add corpus node (corpus nodes)
3.1.3. Modify node (corpus and session nodes)
3.1.4. Delete node (corpus and session nodes, resources) 
3.1.5. Tree Replace (corpus and session nodes)
3.1.6. Update metadata (sessions)
3.1.7. Unlink node (corpus and session nodes, resources)
3.1.8. Link node (corpus and session nodes)
3.1.9. Duplicate node (session nodes)
3.1.10. View resource(s)
3.1.11. Rename resources
3.1.12. Replace resources
3.2. LAMUS function buttons
3.2.1. LAMUS and Arbil interaction and potentials
3.2.2. Upload files
3.2.3. Request storage
3.2.4. Unlinked files
3.2.5. Submit workspace
3.2.6. Save and logout
3.2.7. Delete workspace
3.2.8. Help
3.2.9. Report a bug
3.2.10. About
A. Accepted file types and formats