Chapter 1. Introduction

Importing data from Toolbox to LEXUS does not have to be a very complicated matter provided that some requirements have been fulfilled. In the following chapters we discuss those features of Toolbox files and LEXUS structures that might often make the transfer more time-consuming than expected. To take the best advantage of the following manual, some knowledge of Toolbox is necessary, in particular of the idea of a marker and markers’ hierarchy.

1.1. Defining problematic areas

When talking about Toolbox and LEXUS, we have to concentrate on two different types of files. The first one is your structure file, the second one is your data file. The former one provides your Toolbox project with a structure: it defines the markers you are using and the relations between them, that is their hierarchy. The latter one will include your lexical information per se, that is the particular lexical entries together with all the information you have about them. The two types of files entail different problems.