ViCoS - Visualizing Conceptual Spaces

User's Guide

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This manual was last updated in June 2010

Original Author: Konrad Rybka

Note: Some parts of the manual are incomplete because the tool is still in development.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. General information
1.2. ViCoS and LEXUS
1.3. Accessing ViCoS
2. The Basics
2.1. ViCoS Workspace
2.2. Selecting the lexicon
2.3. Selecting the data category
2.4. Browsing the lexicon
2.5. Searching the lexicon
2.6. From Word List to Lexical Entry
2.7. Defining lexical entry view
2.8. Creating a single relation
2.9. Creating multiple relations
3. Visualizing
3.1. Viewing relations in the Knowledge Space
3.2. Adding more items to the Knowledge Space
3.3. Knowledge Space functionalities
3.4. Browsing through the Knowledge Space
3.5. Overview
4. Other functionalities
4.1. Relations type manager
4.2. Text mapper
4.3. Image Mapper