3.5.4. The interlinearization panel

The interlinearization panel shows an overview of the tier structures that were created in annotation mode. Results from an interlinearization action will be shown here and added to the designated tier that was set in the Analyzer configuration.

Interlinearization Panel

Figure 3.32. Interlinearization Panel

A context-menu for this panel is available, by right-clicking an annotation. This allows you to start interlinearization of an annotation, delete an annotation, or add new annotations.

Interlinearization context-menu

Figure 3.33. Interlinearization context-menu

You can also start the interlinearization by clicking the Interlinearize button on top of the panel. This will start a process in which one annotation after the other will be analyzed, starting with the active annotation or the first one of the right type in the view. Pressing the Escape key or clicking the Close button in the suggestion window stops the process. The Recursive checkbox determines that, if selected, any result produced by an analyzer is in turn analyzed based on all configurations that have that (first target) tier as a source.