3.5.3. Analyzer setup & configuration

In order to analyze/interlinearize annotations on a specific tier successfully, some configuration needs to be done. To do so, you will need to choose one or more analyzers and configure what tier types will be used as source and which ones will be the target(s).

First, open the configuration menu by clicking the Edit configuration... button on the lower right.

Analyzer source-target configuration main panel

Figure 3.35. Analyzer source-target configuration main panel

From the dialog that appears, you can choose the analyzers you would like to use and set the source and target tiers for each analyzer.

Analyzer - Tier Type configuration screen, choosing an analyzer

Figure 3.36. Analyzer - Tier Type configuration screen, choosing an analyzer

First, you choose a certain analyzer, as described in Section 3.5.1. You can choose multiple analyzers, one per line.

Choosing the source tier type

Figure 3.37. Choosing the source tier type

Each chosen analyzer will need a source and at least one target tier type for it to function. The source and target tier should not be the same. The user interface tries to assist in the setup by only listing types in the source and target columns if certain constraints are met. The current implementation only lists a tier type in the column for the source if there is at least one tier based on that tier type and if that tier has at least one dependent tier (which can then be selected as target).


This requirement of tier dependencies might prove to be too restrictive and may change in the future

Choosing the target tier type(s)

Figure 3.38. Choosing the target tier type(s)

In the columns of the target tier types only tier types are listed for which there is at least one tier created as dependent tier of a tier of the source type. If the analyzer supports two target tiers there should at least be one dependent tier of a tier found as first target.

Some constraints are not checked:

When you are done with the configuration, click Apply to finish and go back to the main screen.

In the main screen a configuration can be removed by selecting it in the list and clicking the Remove configuration button. The Show tier mapping option, shows, when selected, the resulting combinations of tiers per analyzer configuration. E.g. in case there are three speakers and the speech tier for all speakers use the same tier type, three tiers will be listed if that type is selected as source of an anlyzer etc.