3.5.5. The Suggestion View

When you click the Interlinearize button or right-click and choose Interlinearize from the context-menu, interlinearization will commence. A panel will appear, containing possible entries found in the lexicon that is currently in use. This panel is called the Suggestion View.


Figure 3.34. SuggestionView

The image above displays the Suggestion View with the Lexicon analyzer set. As you can see, it both suggests a certain parsing of the annotations as well as suggesting a possible gloss. Based on the current lexicon, multiple suggestions are displayed. You can select the suggestion you would like to use by clicking the box. Interlinearization will then go to the next annotation on the source tier (if the process was started with the Interlinearize button. You can stop the process at any time by clicking Close in the top-right of the Suggestion View panel).

There are several keyboard shortcuts for the SuggestionView:

To improve the selection process, several analyzers remember the choices that you made before. The options you most frequently chose earlier, will be moved to the top of the list. A little header saying "chosen x times before" will appear in the suggested option too.

A recurring choice in the SuggestionView

Figure 3.35. A recurring choice in the SuggestionView

It can happen that there are so many suggestions that they are (too) hard to overview. There may be many similar-looking options, e.g. similar looking parses. To get some visual aid, you can press Shift and hover the mouse pointer over the fragments of a suggestion. This will trigger a colouring effect: all suggestions with the same value at that position will be displayed with the same background colour (i.e. there will be as many different colours as there are different values in that position). By then clicking one of the suggestions (Shift still pressed), only the suggestions with the same colour will remain in view, all others are removed. This can be a way to narrow down the available choices.


This is still a very preliminary presentation of suggestions and a preliminary workflow.