2.2.1. Timeline mode

This view is similar to the timeline viewer in ELAN. It displays the tiers and their annotations, and each annotation corresponds to a specific time interval. Above the tiers, a timescale is displayed. During playback, a red vertical bar, the crosshair, moves through the annotations and indicates the current point in time. Furthermore, whenever you select a time interval, it will get a blue rim. The corresponding begin time, end time and duration are displayed in the media information panel.

When you select a specific chunk, three more options become available (see the left side of the timeline):

In addition, again on the left of the timeline, there are further options which are peculiar to the Timeline, Waveform, and Combined modes:

>| and |< Move timeline view to the end/beginning

>> and << Move timeline view forward/backward (fast)

> and < Move timeline view forward/backward (slowly)

+ and - Zoom timeline view in/out

The Timeline can also be played in two different modes: 1)Play screen by screen - the red bar moves until the end of the screen with the latter changing constantly; 2)Play continually - the red bar is still in the centre of the screen; what moves along are the annotations in the tiers.

Below the two just mentioned view modes there is the option to change the tier text font.

Timeline Mode Functionalities

Figure 2.3. Timeline Mode Functionalities