This guide is an introduction to the Archive Structure Viewer (ASV). This viewer is a tool to browse the structure of the archive, search and read the metadata. It is organized into a hierarchy of corpus- and sessionnodes, whereby resources (videos, audio-material, images, written) are the lowest level in the hierarchy, getting attached to session-nodes. Users with access rights may further search the annotations and download resources. The functionalities of the Archive Structure Viewer will be discussed here.

1.  Registering as a new user and login

In order to register as a new user go to the Archive Structure Viewer. On the right hand side there is a blue menubar above, including the option 'register'. Selecting this option you will be automatically led to a registration form. Please, fill in the needed indications (note: all fields have to be filled in; for password note the requirements indicated below) and click on 'register' at the bottom of the page to continue. Next the 'Dobes code of conduct' will be displayed. You are asked to read through it carefully. In case you agree, please indicate your approval at the bottom of the page by checking the empty checkbox for the item 'I agree'. Then press submit.

Your registration is now being requested and processed at the MPI. Yet, you are asked to verify the indicated email-address: Open your email account and the email received by MPI corpora (also check your spam-filter if needed). Following the link in the email you will find yourself being redirected to a new tab informing you that your account has been created and that it may take up to one hour until you can login. Moreover you will receive another email after verification, containing account details and a link to login.

Following the latter link to the viewer and select the login option you are offered. You are asked then to chose your institution from the drop-down menu. In case you are independent of other institutions choose 'MPI Nijmegen' from the list. For normal login (after having obtained registration and not login in for the first time) choose the login option from the menubar. In both cases an interface appears, requesting you to type your username and password. Press 'login'. After the first login you will be welcomed by the AMS welcome page enabling you to manage access rights. For more information see the AMS manual. For normal login you will be redirected to the Archive Structure Viewer main interface. Note that the menubar should indicate you as the user now, instead of the default information "anonymous" when you are not logged in. To log out make use of the option in the menubar. The user information in the menubar will be set back to anonymous.