1.2. The menu items

The menu items are displayed in the top left corner of the IMDI Editor window.

To access any item, do one of the following:

  1. Click on the item.

  2. Or use the shortcut key ALT plus the underlined letter(s) (e.g., to access the item File > New Session, press first the keys ALT+F and then N).

  3. Or use the shortcut key that is displayed to the right of the corresponding menu item (e.g., to access the item New Session, press the keys CTRL+N). (This option is only available for some items.)

  4. Or click on the corresponding icon displayed below the menu bar. The following four icons are available:

    Menu icons

    Figure 1.3. Menu icons

    The menu icons from left to right:

    1. New Session

    2. Open ...

    3. Save

    4. Information ...