1.4.5. Importing nodes into the repository

You can import a node into the repository. In this case, the IMDI Editor creates a copy of the original file and stores this copy in the folder <user-directory> \ IMDI-TOOLS \ SDRCache.


If you have old templates that were created with an earlier version of the IMDI Editor (i.e., earlier than version 2.0), you need to import them into the Repository panel.

To import a node, do the following:

  1. Make use of the Import options:

    1. Either click on the Import button, e.g.:

      Import button

      Figure 1.50. Import button

    2. Or right-click somewhere in the Repository panel, and then click on the Import item of the pull-down menu, e.g.:

      Right click and Import

      Figure 1.51. Right click and Import

    The Import Repository dialog window appears.

  2. Browse to the file that contains the repository, and click on OK.

    Browse to repository file

    Figure 1.52. Browse to repository file

    The file is displayed as an additional node in the Repository panel, e.g.:

    Imported repository

    Figure 1.53. Imported repository