1.4. The Repository panel

The Repository panel allows you to work with recurring metadata information. Such information is entered once into the Content panel (see Section 1.5), and is then stored in the Repository panel for future usage.

For example:

The repository panel

Figure 1.39. The repository panel

  1. The information about the language GOEMAI is entered into the Content panel.

  2. This information is then stored in the Repository panel.


The repository is stored under the name local.repository.xml in the folder <user-directory> \ IMDI-TOOLS \ SDRCache. The files that contain the actual metadata information are automatically assigned a name and are then stored in the same directory, e.g.:

Location of the local repository

Figure 1.40. Location of the local repository

  1. The local repository.

  2. An example of a file that stores metadata.

The Repository panel displays a number of buttons and a pull-down menu (which is accessed by clicking on a node, first with the left mouse button to select it and then with the right mouse button to open the pull-down menu). The buttons and the pull-down menu are used for the following purposes: