1.4.4. Exporting nodes from the repository

You can export a node from the repository. Do the following:

  1. Click on the node that you want to export. It will be highlighted in blue color.

  2. Make use of the Export options:

    1. Either click on the Export button, e.g.:

      Export button

      Figure 1.46. Export button

    2. Or right-click on the highlighted node, and then click on the Export item of the pull-down menu, e.g.:

      Right click and Export

      Figure 1.47. Right click and Export

    The Export Repository dialog window appears.

  3. Give the name and location of the file that should contain the exported node. Then click on OK (or press the key ENTER).

    Repository name

    Figure 1.48. Repository name

    1. Enter a name.

    2. Browse to the location.

    3. Click on OK.

    The file is saved in the specified folder. Furthermore, the exported repository is displayed as an additional node in the Repository panel, e.g.:

    Result of export

    Figure 1.49. Result of export

    1. The files are saved in the specified folder.

    2. The exported file is add to the Repository panel.