1.4.7. Using metadata information from the repository

To use metadata information from the repository, do one of the following:


You can only insert information into the appropriate corresponding node of the Browse panel (and the corresponding screen of the Content panel), e.g., information about an actor can only be inserted in the Actors node of the Browse panel (and the screen Actors of the Content panel). If a non-matching node is active in the Browse panel, the program will automatically disable the Drag and drop and the Put Data functions.


You can add a group of nodes to the Browse panel, e.g., a group of actors. In this case, you have to drag and drop or 'put' the higher node from the Repository panel into the Browse panel (e.g., the node Actors).


You can overwrite an exiting node by dragging a node from the Repository panel onto a node of the Browse panel (e.g., by dragging actor X onto the node actor Y). In this case, the following warning will appear:

Corfirm Replacement

Figure 1.56. Corfirm Replacement

Click Yes if you want to replace the node, otherwise click No.