1.5.6. The Subtitle Viewer

The subtitle viewer

Figure 1.84. The subtitle viewer

You can turn on the subtitle viewer for a tier by selecting that tier from the pull down menu in the tab Subtitle Viewer. During playback, the Subtitle Viewer displays the annotations of the selected tiers at the current media time, both during playback and in static situations.

By default, the Subtitle Viewer can display up to four tiers as a subtitle:

  1. Select the Subtitle Viewer tab in the right upper corner of the ELAN window

  2. In the pull-down menu, click on the tier you want to be displayed.

    Display multiple tiers as a subtitle

    Figure 1.85. Display multiple tiers as a subtitle

The number of tiers to display as subtitle can be between 1 and 8. To set this number, click Edit > Preferences > Edit Preferences... from the main menu and select Viewers in the Preferences dialog. Change the number of viewers to the desired value in the pull down menu and click Apply.