1.5.11. The Metadata Viewer

On the Metadata tab in the main window the IMDI or CMDI metadata that belong to the media can be displayed. Click Select Metadata Source..., select an IMDI or CMDI file and click Select. See also Section 1.2.14

The default metadata keys are now displayed (see also Section 1.3) in either a table (for IMDI )or tree (for CMDI/IMDI). To change the view, right click the table and select Tree View. Right click and select Table View to return to the table view. If you want to change which keys are displayed, click Configure... and (de)select the keys. For CMDI metadata, you can collapse or expand all nodes, or just the top-nodes.

The metadata viewer displaying a CMDI file

Figure 1.90. The metadata viewer displaying a CMDI file