1.5.14. The Tier Name panel

The Tier Name Panel gives an overview of the different existent tiers. Both tier names (see also Section 2.1 and Section 2.4 ) and tier types are defined by the user (see also Section 2.3 ). One of the tiers in the Tier Name Panel is the active tier (indicated by its underlining and red color), which means that new annotations will be added to this tier (when pressing ALT+ N). Hovering over a tier name will show more information about the tier. (see screenshot below)

The tier name panel

Figure 1.94. The tier name panel

To make a tier the active tier, choose one of the following actions:

To deactivate a tier, either do one of the following actions:

To select the tiers to display (and their order) see Section 1.5.23 and Section 1.5.26

It is possible for ELAN to show the number of annotations per tier. Right click on the Tier Name Panel and select Show Number of Annotations.