2.13. How to filter and copy tiers

2.13.1. Filtering tiers

Filtering a tier (Tier > Filter Tier…) works in a very similar way as the previously described tokenizer. The main difference is that filtering is meant for transfer of annotation information between tiers that are symbolic associations.

A step-by-step approach to filtering:

  1. Select a source tier (from which the information will be copied)

  2. Choose a destination tier. If necessary create a new tier (with the Create new tier… button)

  3. Optionally specify a filter. If a filter expression is found, it will be removed from the destination annotation. Without any filter, the complete source tier is copied to the destination tier.

  4. If the destination tier already contains annotation units, choose between overwriting or preserving them. If its still empty you can ignore this option.

  5. Select Create destination annotation for empty source annotation if you want to create for every source annotation a destination annotation, even if its empty.

  6. Click on Start to begin the filter operation or Close to go back to ELAN’s main screen.

Filter tier

Figure 2.103. Filter tier