2.13.3. Copying annotations from one tier to another tier

This variant copies annotations from one tier to another, already existing, tier (so the tier itself is not copied).

This process consists of three steps and can be started via the Tier > Copy Annotations from Tier to Tier menu.

  1. In the first step select one source tier from which to copy the annotations.

  2. In the second step one destination tier can be selected. Listed are dependent tiers of the source tier and all independent, top-level tiers.

  3. The third step allows to specify which annotations to copy and whether or not existing annotations on the destination tier can be overwritten.

    Copy annotations from one to another tier

    Figure 2.105. Copy annotations from one to another tier

    The following options are provided:

    • All annotations copies all annotations regardless of their value.

    • Annotations where value is..., the value can be entered in the text field.

    • Treat as regular expression. This option can be checked if the value entered in the text field should be used as a regular expression to match annotations on the source tier. By default annotations are matched using case-sensitive, exact matching. The matching always concerns the entire value (no substring matching).

    • Allow existing annotations to be overwritten allows to protect existing annotations from being changed. This concerns both the value and the alignment.