3.3.7. Entering text for a annotation

Transcription mode is built for high-speed transcription work. Once you have selected the tier types for the columns , the table is loaded with the tiers of the selected types. Clicking on Apply button in the settings dialog(see Figure 3.2) will bring this window:

Transcription Window

Figure 3.14. Transcription Window

Options available in this window :

Each cell in the table is the representation of the annotation on a tier. The annotations are sorted/aligned based on the begin time of it. Clicking on any annotation(cell) activates it for editing. You can directly start typing the text for the annotation. After entering the text, press ENTERto save the changes made in the current annotation and to put the next annotation to edit mode. The Navigate across columns setting controls whether you go down within a column or you move across columns (from left to right). There are several ways to put a annotation to edit mode. A single mouse click on an annotation or a right click made on a annotation will put the annotation in edit mode and pops up the context menu below and for other keys see Section 3.3.10.

Other options available in this mode :