KinOath Kinship Archiver 1.3

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This manual was last updated in July 2013

Francesca Bechis

Table of Contents

1. How to run the application: webstart and installation
1.1. Windows installer
1.2. Debian installer
1.3. Mac installer
2. Diagram types
2.1. Standard Diagram (current project)
2.2. Freeform Diagram (transient)
2.3. Kin Terms Diagram (transient)
2.4. Query Diagram (current project)
2.5. Archive Data Linker (current project)
2.6. Template Documents
3. How to...?
3.1. How to create a project
3.2. How to create a standard diagram
3.3. How to create a freeform diagram
3.4. How to create a kin terms diagram
3.5. How to create a query diagram
A. Menu options