Database of Dutch diphone perception


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DCS project

In order to test diphone perception in Dutch native speakers, the gated sound samples were presented to 18 subjects (from the originally 22 subjects three dropped out during the experiment and the data of one was eliminated afterwards due to poor performance). 

The task involved identifying the two phonemes of the target diphone. For this purpose each subject heard each of the 13,570 stimuli, i.e. gated sound files, once in pseudo-random order. 
Subjects' responses are available from this website in two formats. One format represents the raw data, containing  each subject's diphone response to each of the stimuli. The second format gives a summary representation of the data in the form of confusion matrices. For these matrices - one for each gate - we summed responses across subject, phonetic context and stress. Below, an example of such matrix is given.

confusion matrix for vowels

The stimulus and response names were coded according to the CELEX DISC notation

Both raw data and confusion matrices are available for download