Access Management System for language archive resources in IMDI-corpora


This manual was last updated on 2012-11-19

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Micha Hulsbosch (December 2008)

Francesca Bechis (July 2012)

Jeroen Geerts (October 2012)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Main Concepts
1.1.1. The corpus tree
1.1.2. AMS rules
1.1.3. Licenses
1.1.4. Roles
1.2. Getting started
2. User management
2.1. Creating a new user
2.1.1. Entering user data
2.1.2. Adding a new user to groups
2.2. Editing an existing user
2.3. How do I change my Password
2.4. Creating a new group
2.5. Editing an existing group
3. Rules
3.1. Basic principles
3.1.1. Examples of access rights calculation
3.1.2. Forcing export
3.2. Checking existing rules
3.2.1. All rules of a node
3.2.2. All rules of a node for a specific user or group
3.3. Managing rules
3.3.1. Adding rules
3.3.2. Editing and Revoking rules
3.3.3. Special groups: Everybody and Registered Users
3.4. Licenses
3.4.1. Accepting licenses
3.4.2. Linking a license to a node
3.4.3. Adding/Editing a license
4. Advanced usage and administration
4.1. Mailing
A. Example use case of roles
A.1. Corpus manager
A.2. Researcher
A.3. Research team
A.4. Research assistant
A.5. Interested colleague
A.6. Accidental visitor