5.1. Specify the directory information of files

The IMDI Editor creates links to different types of files. These links are entered into fields that are labeled Link (see also Section 1.5.3):

In order to link files, you need to provide information about (a) their names and (b) their directory location.

Usually, if your corpus is managed by a corpus manager, you only need to enter the file name. In this case, type the file name directly into the Link field of the IMDI Session, Lexicon or Corpus Editor. Do not make use of the browsing option (i.e., the open folder icon to the right of the Link field). Please make sure that no prefixes are defined in the View > Preferences … > Prefixes menu (see Section 5.1.2).

However, if you manage your own corpus, you need to enter both the file name and the directory location. You can enter this information either directly into the Link field (see Section 5.1.1) or you can make use of prefixes (see Section 5.1.2).