Operations Department

Operations is the driving force behind organisational excellence at the MPI in Nijmegen. Led by Chief Operating Officer Laura Manko, who is responsible for managing and guiding all Institute-wide operational matters, the department ensures that all operations and internal processes run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. By doing so, Operations makes a significant contribution to the success of the Institute.

This dynamic and future-oriented department steers and advises on all business- and operational-related matters at play within the MPI. To find out more about the specific units within the Operations Department, click on the relevant section below. Here you will also find the names of the corresponding contact persons. For general questions, please contact the department's secretary, Michaela Regeer.

MPI group Operations



As the name of this unit suggests, Finance is responsible for all financial matters at the Institute - from fixed asset accounting, periodical planning, controlling and estimations, preparing financial statements, and reporting on the MPI’s institutional and third-party funding.

Not only that, it also guarantees the smooth operation of all accounting-related tasks, such as booking, billing, and paying and filing incoming and outgoing invoices. The Finance unit also takes care of the monthly salary payments for the Institute's employees.

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Contact persons

Cedric Gertzen
Jeannette Peters
Perry Janssen

Travel Expense Reimbursement and Accounting

This unit is on hand to answer all questions MPI staff may have about travel, travel expenses, and the reimbursement of business trips. It also handles guests’ queries and questions concerning travel expenses.

The team also ensures that all travel-related administrative tasks are completed smoothly, such as booking, paying, and filing incoming travel reimbursement requests.

Contact person

Arnold Harbers

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) team advises and supports the directors of the research departments, the Chief Operating Officer, as well as all employees and members of the Institute, on all personnel-related matters.

The HR staff play a vital role in the recruitment process and introductory formalities for new employees; they take care of everything from the creation of job descriptions to helping newcomers find a place to live in Nijmegen. They also help them with a number of other matters that are part and parcel of life in the Netherlands, such as registering with the local authority and opening a Dutch bank account.

Once a member of the MPI family, the HR unit is the contact point for employees for a range of issues, from contract and salary management to guidance in the event of being unable to work. They are also on hand to support and advise employees should they have any workplace-related issues.

The HR team is also responsible for relaying HR information to the directors, keeping track of and maintaining personnel data and records, coordinating employment policies and conditions, and responding to questions concerning the MPI's CLA.


Contact persons

Anique Heurkens
Angela Heuts

Facility Management

The Facility Management team ensures the upkeep, maintenance, and efficient running of the MPI building and its surroundings. It also supervises all building and construction activities and is responsible for office equipment and supplies. The team also maintains and manages the car park and bike sheds.

Contact persons

Remco Diever
Jan Achterberg
Jurgen Heijssen
Rober van Thiel
Pascal Zoetekouw



The MPI’s library team supports all our researchers by providing printed and electronic content. We are committed to locating and sharing the right information quickly and efficiently, thereby contributing to the success of the Institute’s research.

Contact persons

Karin Kastens
Meggie Uijen

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Communications Team

If you have any questions about our Institute, our research, or our events, please don't hesitate to contact communications [at] mpi.nl

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All visitors to the MPI are welcomed by our friendly Reception team at the front desk. They can help you with your questions and point you in the right direction should you need further assistance or information.

Contact persons

Esther Apswoude
Jose Wannet




Laura Manko

Chief Operating Officer
+31 24 3521212
Laura [dot] Manko [at] mpi [dot] nl


Michaela Regeer

+31 24 3521214
Michaela [dot] Regeer [at] mpi [dot] nl

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