Research Staff Committee

The goal of the Research Staff Committee (RSC) is to forge connections across departments and to provide support for issues that affect staff members.

In order to promote collegiality and stimulate a cooperative working environment at the MPI, the RSC regularly organises open meetings (often informal drinks) so that staff can meet each other and discuss any questions or issues they may have. The committee also organises networking and training events for staff and their students.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact one of the RSC representatives.

External RSC representative

Markus Ostarek
(Neurobiology of Language Department)

Internal RSC representatives

Hans Rutger Bosker
(Psychology of Language Department)

Francesca Carota
(Neural Dynamics of Language Production)

Nienke Rulkens-Dijkstra
(Language Development Department)

Jan Verheijen
(Language and Genetics Department


Research Staff Committee

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