Research groups

In addition to our permanent research departments, each led by one of our MPI directors, we also have 8 research groups. These groups, each dedicated to their own specific theme, are also headed by renowned scientists in their field. A number of these groups also cooperate with other Dutch and international research institutes and organisations, reflecting the truly international nature of psycholinguistics research.


The research groups fall into one of four categories;

  • Funded by MPI departments (and also form part of those departments)
  • Free-floater groups (independent of the departments, with their own budgets)
  • Affiliated research groups - Type A (groups led by close collaborators who work here at the MPI. These groups are not funded by the MPI budget.)
  • Affiliated research groups - Type B (Max Planck Fellows' groups; run by researchers who are employed by a different institution or university, but who have been awarded Max Planck Fellow status. These groups run for 5 years.)


For more information about current research projects, latest news and developments, publications and contact details, click on the links below.


Research groups funded by and part of our departments


Free-floating research groups


Affiliated research groups

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