Karin Kastens


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  • Ringersma, J., Kastens, K., Tschida, U., & Van Berkum, J. J. A. (2010). A principled approach to online publication listings and scientific resource sharing. The Code4Lib Journal, 2010(9), 2520.


    The Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Psycholinguistics has developed a service to manage and present the scholarly output of their researchers. The PubMan database manages publication metadata and full-texts of publications published by their scholars. All relevant information regarding a researcher’s work is brought together in this database, including supplementary materials and links to the MPI database for primary research data. The PubMan metadata is harvested into the MPI website CMS (Plone). The system developed for the creation of the publication lists, allows the researcher to create a selection of the harvested data in a variety of formats.

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