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Aktuellen Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen am MPI für Psycholinguistik

Informieren Sie sich über alle aktuellen Neuigkeiten und Entwicklungen am MPI für Psycholinguistik. Hier finden Sie Informationen über unsere Veranstaltungen, Workshops und Lesungen. Wenn Sie Pressefragen zu unserem Institut, unserer Forschung, unseren Pressemitteilungen oder Veranstaltungen haben, zögern Sie bitte nicht, sich an unsere Pressesprecherin Marjolein Scherphuis zu wenden.

News and Press releases

  •  Laura Giglio thesis cover
    30 May 2023

    Laura Giglio defends thesis 1 June

    On Thursday 1 June, 10:30 hrs, Laura Giglio will defend her...

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  • Congratulations to Pim Levelt
    17 May 2023

    Congratulations to Pim Levelt

    Pim Levelt, founding director of the Max Planck Institute...

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  • Open Dag 2023
    14 May 2023

    Looking back on the Open Day 2023

    The Open Day of the Max Planck Institute for...

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  • MPI Open Dag 2023
    07 May 2023

    Visit our Open Day on 13 May

    On Saturday 13 May 2023, the Max Planck Institute for...

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  • Photo credit: Tom Kelley Archive/iStock.
    25 April 2023

    Understanding face-to-face communication

    Face-to-face communication is one of the fundamental...

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  •  Grammatical similarity in the Grambank sample of languages. The color coding represents the distribution of languages according to the first three principal components (PCs) mapped onto RGB color space (PC1, red; PC2, green; PC3, blue). Similarity in color indicates similarity in grammatical structure on the first three dimensions. See fig. S15 for loading of Grambank features on the first two components and fig. S16 for correlation with theoretical metrics.
    20 April 2023

    Grambank shows diversity of the world’s languages

    What shapes the structure of languages? The Grambank...

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